10 Weird Inventions That Really Exist

There’s been some really great inventions in the last decade, such as the iPhone, Facebook and self-driving cars. 2 of these have actually gone on to become part of the largest companies on earth and I’m sure in the next decade, we’ll be seeing a lot more self-driving cars around the place. But what about…


Amazing North Korean Kids Playing Guitar

I wanted to play the guitar many times in my teenage years. Every time I would go out and buy a new guitar but after a few weeks the desire faded and it just sat there collecting dust. It takes a lot of discipline to become a really good guitar player, because you know it’s…


Just Rollerskating Babies

Did you ever rollerskate when you were a kid? Maybe it wasn’t in your era. I grew up in the 80’s when rollerskating was in it’s prime. I remember going out onto the street thinking I was really cool with my new skates. That was until I tried to go down a massive hill and…


The Most Terrifying Rides In The World

I never really liked roller-coasters. I was always so terrified of heights. But even then, the scariest one I’ve ever been on pales in comparison to some of the modern day rides out there in the world. Since the early 2000’s, there have been many monster roller-coasters built to be as terrifying as possible. In…


Ever Tried Underwater Skateboarding?

I’ve been skateboarding a few times, but I’ve never tried doing it underwater. It actually looks like a lot of fun… if you can hold your breath for long enough. I think you might need special wheels that can tolerate being submerged in water too. The makers of the video actually wanted to test out…


Surfing The Biggest Waves At Teahupoo

I remember the first and only time I tried to surf. It was a disaster. Not because I had no skills, but because I went to a beach that had no waves! But even if I could surf, I’m not sure I’d want to be stuck on a wave several metres high… I would probably…


Parkour Spiderman Fighting Crime

Who was your favourite superhero as a kid? Was is Superman? Batman? Mine was the Hulk. But I also loved spidey and ths video has made me like him just a little bit more. Why? Because this Spiderman can do some really incredible parkour moves, all while fighting crime and taking down the bad guys….


Dogs That Hate Bath Time

I used to have a dog and I can tell you, there’s nothing he hated more than bath time. In fact, he just hated water. The garden hose, the pool, the bathtub… he hated them all and as soon as you went near them he would vanish in a second. But all dog need to…


Funniest Cat Compilation

I’ve never really liked cats that much. I’m more of a dog guy. But I have to admit, cats can be cute sometimes and can get up to all kinds of funny mischief. I’ve watched dozens of cat compilations over the years and I think the one below is definitely one of the best (and…


Amazing Supertramp Slam Dunks

I used to love playing basketball when I was a kid. Then I got older and realised I would never be tall enough to slam dunk. So I gave up my dreams of starring in the NBA and went on to other things. But what if there was a way for us little guys to…